abstract artwork -  an art composition created using non-representational symbolism. The work is open to interpretation and imagination. The symbols and imagery may not bear any associations to reality. click thumbnail to see a few of Lionel's abstract works.

Abstract Works

  1. Jonah and the Whale
    Jonah and the Whale
  2. Blue Cluster
    Blue Cluster
  3. Winter Night
    Winter Night

Mixed Media

  1. How Sweet It Is
    How Sweet It Is
  2. Love Goddess I
    Love Goddess I
  3. Love Goddess II
    Love Goddess II
  4. Brown Flight
    Brown Flight
  5. Dreamforce
  6. How Sweet It Is
    How Sweet It Is
  7. More Better Blues
    More Better Blues
  8. Ribbon in the sky
    Ribbon in the sky
  9. Silent Green
    Silent Green
  10. Stars and Hearts
    Stars and Hearts
  11. The Dream
    The Dream
  12. The Conversation I
    The Conversation I
  13. Waterfall Series
    Waterfall Series
  14. Happy


  1. Life Without Boundaries
    Life Without Boundaries
  2. Satin Lady
    Satin Lady

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